Human Development & Relationships


UW-Extension Human Development & Relationships Programs respond to community needs with research-based education and partnerships that support Wisconsin families and communities.

  • Family Financial Education
    Helping families meet future needs while keeping pace with day-to-day expenses and addressing the basics of earning, spending, saving, investing, health care, and housing issues.
  • Poverty and Food Insecurity
    Providing interactive activities and information to increase awareness and understanding of local poverty issues.
  • Food and Nutrition
    Promoting healthy, well-nourished families as they learn to manage food dollars, plan nutritious meals, and purchase, prepare, serve, and preserve food that is safe to eat.
  • Families in Stress and Transition
    Working with individual, families, and incarcerated audiences to help prevent and manage stress and to increase access to resources, problem solving skills, and resiliency.

Local Programing Topic Areas

More Information

  • Food Preservation and Food Safety
  • Relationships Matter

    Relationships Matter is…

    an awareness and communication skills class for individuals.  Through discussion and activities, participants learn how communication, stress management, problem solving and other skills can strengthen all kinds of relationships, including couple, parenting, friendships, work relationships and more.  Relationships really matter! They impact our health, happiness, families, financial stability and life satisfaction.


Family Living Links of Interest

Family Financial Management

Building Strong Families

Child Development

Foods & Nutrition




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