Douglas County Broadband Forum

Need Broadband Planning, Access, or Utilization Help?

James Anderson, Community & Economic Development Educator
(715) 395-1547 or

On Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 UW-Extension in Douglas County hosted a broadband forum for town and village officials, providers, and interested citizens.  If you were unable to join us, please find the resources we discussed here.

Materials Presented the Session:

Questions for Exploration:

  • Do you have gaps in your community where citizens cannot access Internet at usable speeds, or where no access exists?
  • Would you like to see a competitor in your market?
  • Who already services your market (if anyone)?  What speeds are offered?  Is it affordable?
  • Does a county-wide or sub-area broadband workgroup(s) need to be formed in Douglas County?

How can UW-Extension Help?

UW-Extension at the local office and through the UW-Extension Broadband center can assist local communities with:

  • Broadband needs assessments, including surveys to try and determine demand.
  • Help to identify service providers, and act as a neutral convener to bring service providers and communities together.
  • Attempt to aggregate demand to demonstrate that an adequate market exists for a provider to expand or enter the market.
  • Assist with State of Wisconsin or Federal grant applications, when funding rounds are available.
  • Assist a community with Wisconsin Broadband Forward community certification.
  • Provide education, many resources are posted online – see links below.
  • Broadband / Internet utilization educational programs, including: Internet and online security and safety, using social media, e-commerce, and other topics can be custom developed based on need.


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