Straw Bale Gardening Update

As the snow flies and the temperatures drop, let’s not forget the hard work and great results we had over the last summer.  Many homeowners tried straw bale gardening and help us help others by sharing their challenges and success.

From the garden of Ruth and John Ludwig:  Year 2

Regarding the straw bales, we really didn’t do much of anything last fall to shore up the bales beside sitting our big plastic container planters between them. However, this spring we discovered they had deteriorated to the point that we needed to give them some support before planting in them again. So we constructed a frame around them using 1 x 4s and hardware cloth and/or chicken wire.  Since we continue to have squirrel problems, we also built cages around the bales in which we planted seeds.

As the bales continue to deteriorate, this coming spring I plan on adding soil and compost to fill the frames. Maybe next spring/summer we can have the master gardeners tour our garden again to see the progression of the composting bales.

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