4-H Member Evaluation Process: A growth Opportunity that Pays!!

The Member Evaluation Process: A Growth Opportunity that Pays!

The M.E. Process is the process by which Douglas County 4-H allocates countywide project awards, leadership trips, scholarships, and other special recognitions.  It involves filling out an application and going through a short interview with members of the Leaders Association.

Besides being recognized during Achievement Night, everyone who goes through the process is automatically awarded a full scholarship to either our regional Winter Camp or the state’s Art Camp at Upham Woods. Other partial scholarships are awarded to help pay for state and national trips. This year, Callie Lier and Sarah Wahlquist each received $600 towards the American Spirit trips. They also filled in their points forms (due in June) for another $250, so they only had to pay $350 for a $1200 trip! They both also had the chance to attend Winter Camp. That’s over $900 in benefits for a 10 minute interview and an hour or so of filling in some forms!

The form allows for a concise statement of what you have accomplished during your total 4-H experience. You will be evaluated on what you’ve learned, done, accomplished, and how much you’ve “grown.” You’ll need to pick out and combine things from throughout your 4-H years and your projects that best communicate what you’ve done and what the results and benefits have been. Going through the process is rewarding now, plus you’ll gain valuable workforce readiness experience. Letters and forms will be sent to all eligible members in July and are due September 1st. Interviews will be held on Monday, September 12 starting at 6:00 pm. For more tips on how to

For details and the Points and M.E. forms go to:  https://douglas.uwex.edu/4h/forms/

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