Welcome to 4-H

4-H is combined with the Youth Development Program at the
University of Wisconsin-Extension.
So, when you participate in 4-H, you are part of the UW System!

Douglas County Cooperative Extension 4-H Programs give young people a chance to learn new skills, gain self confidence, and contribute to their communities. 4-H Youth Development faculty and staff create real-world experiences that teach leadership and citizenship skills.The four “H’s” represent the four points of the pledge: clearer thinking (head), greater loyalty (heart), larger service (hands), and better living (health).

How old do you need to be to join 4-H?  Youth in grades K-2 are eligible for the Cloverbuds project.  Regular membership is open to youth in grades 3 through one year following high school graduation (we call this grade 13).  4-H is open to any youth eligible for 4-H membership regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, disability, ancestry, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital or parental status.

Project Report Douglas County 2016 contains the projects that are available in Douglas County.  The list contains some 70 different statewide project areas and descriptions of projects.  Besides 4-H projects, you can get involved in 4-H events throughout the year.
You can learn more about these activities in our 4-H Handbook and in our monthly Newsletters.

For More Information about 4-H contact a club near you at: 

Contact the general leader of the 4-H club in the location where you are interested in joining or call the UW-Extension Office at 715-395-1363.


4-H Afterschool Clubs:                              Sharon Krause            715-395-1365

Bit N’ Spur 4-H (South Range)                  Nola Stenroos              715-399-0319

Clover Country (Maple)                              Pat Luostari                  715-363-2456

Horses ‘R’ Us (Lake Nebagamon)             Laresha Connors          715-372-4353
Rachael Lind                281-491-3846

Lakeland Riders (Superior)                        Lynn Pearson               715-394-3731

Northern Lights (Superior)                         Dan Klarner                  715-392-9263

Pony Express (Superior)                           Michelle Kimmes          715-399-3056
Kelly Carlson                715-399-2291

Puppy Pals 4-H Dog Club (Superior)         Vicki Garro                    715-399-3067

Tiger’s Pride (Hawthorne)                          Patti Lier                       715-364-8529

It’s easy, low-cost!!! (Fees $3 or $5 per year/per child), fun and everyone gets to learn about something!
Any youth in grades K-13 can belong to 4-H.  Any adult can be a volunteer!

Contact Sharon Krause, 4-H Youth Development Educator at 715-395-1365!


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  1. Go into 4honline.com you can change both there use your email if you forgot password do forgot password selection and it will send you a temporary password.

  2. How can I check on what projects my kids are in? I also need to change clubs as I picked the wrong one.

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