Douglas County Head of the Lakes Fair 2017

2017 Fair Registration and Information Letter

Dear 4-H Organizational Leaders and 4-H Parents and 4-H Members:

This is the “all important” letter that explains how 4-H members can register for the fair.  Please encourage your 4-Hers to exhibit at the Head of the Lakes Fair; it is an opportunity to show their project accomplishments.  It is helpful to read this note thoroughly to understand the steps for registering projects for the fair.

Entries for the fair must be registered before bringing them to the fair.  4-H members use the Fair Book to choose which exhibits to bring to the Junior Fair.  Members will need to know in which 4-H projects they are enrolled.  They can find out what projects they took by checking their online registration at or by calling Cheryl at the 4-H office at 715-395-1363.  The updated 2017 Fair Book will be available online on Tuesday, June 13 at the Head of the Lakes Fair website (  That is when you can begin to register your project items for the fair. Be sure to use the 2017 Fair Book because changes have been made to the older printed versions.  The Fair Book is able to be seen on the drop-down menu that says Fair Book. Pages can be printed off the website if needed. If you would like to register projects using a paper registration form, see the Registration drop-down on the fair website for directions.

It is very important to MAKE SURE TO LOOK AT BOTH THE FAIR BOOK AND THE ENTRY FORMS when you are registering and preparing your entries.  The information on the entry forms is very limited due to space constraints; the Fair Book info gives all the details on what you need to do to make your fair entry meet the requirements. All entries must be registered online by Sunday, July 2, 2017 at midnight and all paper copies must be received by mail or in the fair office no later than July 1, 2017.  Families who need assistance registering for the fair, or who do not have access to a computer, can stop at the Superior fairgrounds curling club office at 4700 Tower Avenue on the following dates.  4-H volunteers will be available to help them get their projects registered for the fair:

Tuesday, June 27 from 3-7 pm

Thursday, June 29 from 3-7 pm

The 2017 Head of the Lakes Fair will be held July 11-16.  All exhibits have to be dropped off at the Fairgrounds on Tuesday, July 11 between 12 noon and 6 PM, with the exception of the small animal and pet entrants in Department 110 which can only be brought in for judging on Wednesday, July 12 at 2 p.m. and must be taken home that day immediately after the judge presents the ribbons.  All other exhibits must be picked up on Sunday, July 16 between 5:00 and 6:00 pm.

4-H members are encouraged to participate in the Junior Fair because this allows them to exhibit with other youth enrolled in the same projects.  If 4-H youth enter in Open Class, they will compete with adults and non-4-H youth and will not have face-to-face judging opportunities.  When registering online, make sure you are selecting Junior Fair Departments 101-135 unless you are competing in the Open Class. 

 Beef Project 4-H members who have tagged animals for the steer sale must still register with the fair for the animals they are entering in the fair.  Remember that when you are in any animal project you may also enter exhibits for the same animal project under Department 110 Animal and Vet Sciences (posters, reports, photography about your animal, etc…)

4-Hers in grades K-2 may only exhibit in Department 117, Class A – Cloverbuds and in one other regular 4-H project, but not a live animal project.  After School Club Members in grades K-2 may only enter in Department 117, Class A – Cloverbuds unless they are also members of a regular club.  After School Club Members in grades 3-5 may only enter in Department 117, Class B – Exploring unless they are also members of a regular club.

Reminder: Exhibitors must register by Sunday, July 2 at midnight and all paper copies must be received by mail or in the fair office no later than July 1, 2017.  Items not registered by then will not be accepted at the fair.

Entry tags are not mailed.  4-H entry tags must be picked up at the Superior fairgrounds curling club office on the following date: Thursday, July 6 from 3-7 pm.  If you are unable to pick up your entry tags at this time, please have a friend or club leader pick them up for you.  Then you can attach the tags to the projects before bringing them to the fair.

No tags are printed for some livestock exhibits, so if you are showing only these animals (Dairy, Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Horses), you do not need to pick up tags.  Open Class tags are not pre-printed but will be available to you when you bring your project to the open class registration table which will be located at the side door of the Youth Building.

Please note: Face to face judging will not be required for most 4-H projects.  See the judging list to determine if you need to be present for face to face or conference judging.  Departments and times that are highlighted in bold type require the exhibitor to be present for judging. (If you have more than one thing to be judged face to face at a time try to work out plans with the judges so you can cover everything.) For projects where face to face judging is not required, attending face to face judging is still greatly encouraged so you can showcase your project to the judge and gain feedback for your project work.  If you choose not to do the face to face judging, how your entry places will not be affected by that choice except in projects where face to face judging is required.  Please see the judging schedule at the bottom of this notice for judging times if you would like to do the face to face judging in any department.

If you have any further questions on fair entries, you may contact Sheila Fillmore, Education Fair Secretary at or at 715-969-7760, or Sharon Krause at 715-395-1363.



4-H members, leaders, and parents who enter an item(s) in the fair can purchase a $5 wristband (which is good for attending the fair every day) from the fair office on entry day, Tuesday, July 11.  After you deliver your exhibit(s), bring your exhibit claim ticket(s) to the exhibitors’ office located near the grandstands and you will then be able purchase the reduced-price wrist-band.  If you are not wearing a wristband when you come to the fair in the afternoon during fair week, you will be charged admission at the gate.  There is no gate admission when you drop off (Tuesday afternoon) or pickup your exhibits (Sunday evening).

You may also ask for an exhibitor parking pass at the exhibitor’s office when you pick up your wristband on entry day. Each family is entitled to two free parking passes.  Additional parking passes are $5 each.


Please see the judging schedules on the next two pages if you would like to do the face to face judging in any department.  The first judging schedule is arranged by departments.  The second judging schedule is arranged by the days of the fair week.



For departments in bold you must be there for face to face judging or your entry may be disqualified or receive a lower placing. 

Department                             Day                             Time                Building

101 Dairy                                Wednesday                 after beef       Livestock Barn

102 Beef                                 Wednesday                 9:30 am           Livestock Barn

103 Swine                               Wednesday                 after sheep     Livestock Barn

104 Sheep                               Wednesday                 after dairy      Livestock Barn

105 Goat                                Wednesday                 9 am                Livestock Barn

106 Model Horse                   Wednesday                 4 pm                Youth Building          

106 Pleasure Horse Show     Friday                         1 pm                Horse Arena             

106 Gaming Horse Show       Saturday                     1 pm                Horse Arena 

106 Youth Carts                     Saturday                     9 am                Horse Arena

107 Poultry Show                   Wednesday                 10 am              Poultry Barn             

108 Rabbit Show                    Wednesday                 11:30 am         Rabbit Barn

110 Pet Show                         Wednesday                 2 pm                Youth Building

110 Animal/Vet Science        Wednesday                 10-6 pm          Livestock Barn

114 Plants/Soils                      Wednesday                 1-6 pm            Youth Building

115 Flowers/House Plants      Wednesday                 1:00-6:00 pm  Youth Building

116 Natural Science               Wednesday                 1-6 pm            Youth Building

117 Cloverbuds/Explorers     Tuesday                      12-6 pm          Youth Building

118 Cultural Arts                    Wednesday                 10-6 pm          Youth Building

120 Photography                    Wednesday                 10-6 pm          Youth Building

120 Videography-Class J      Wednesday                 1 pm                Youth Building          

121 Computers                       Wednesday                 2-6 pm            Youth Building

122 Woodworking                  Wednesday                 3-6 pm            Youth Building

123 Electricity                                    Wednesday                 10-6 pm          Youth Building

124 Mechanical                      Wednesday                 10 am-6 p.m.  Youth Building

125 Foods                               Tuesday                      12-6 p.m.        Youth Building

125 Food Review                   Tuesday                      6:00 p.m.         Youth Building

126 Clothing                           Tuesday                      12-6 p.m.        Youth Building

126 Clothing Review             Tuesday                      6:15 p.m.         Youth Building

127 Knitting/Crocheting        Wednesday                 10 am-6 p.m.  Youth Building

127 Knit/Crochet Review     Wednesday                 10:00 a.m.       Youth Building

128 Home Environment         Tuesday                      12-6 p.m.        Youth Building

129 Family/Child Dev.           Tuesday                      12-6 p.m.        Youth Building

131 Communications             Wednesday                 1:00-6 p.m.     Youth Building

131 Demonstrations               Wednesday                 2:30 p.m.         Youth Building          

132 Booths                              Wednesday                 10-6 p.m.        Youth Building

133 Leadership/Self Det        Wednesday                 10 am-6 p.m.  Youth Building

134 Health/Social/Political    Wednesday                 10 am-6 p.m.  Youth Building

135 Educational                      Wednesday                 10 am-6 p.m.  Youth Building


For departments in bold you must be there for face to face judging or your entry may be disqualified or receive a lower placing. 

DATE /TIME                       DEPT                Category                                          Location

Tuesday, July 11       

12:00 noon – 6:00PM             117                  Cloverbuds/Exploring                                    Youth

125                  Foods and Nutrition                           Youth

126                  Clothing                                              Youth

128                  Home Environment                            Youth

129                  Family/Child Development               Youth

6:00                                         125                  Food Revue                                        Youth

6:15                                         126                  Clothing Revue                                  Youth

Wednesday, July 12  

9:00                                         105                  Goats                                                  Livestock

9:30                                         102                  Beef                                                    Livestock

After Jr & open beef            101                  Dairy                                                   Livestock

After Jr & open dairy           104                  Sheep                                                  Livestock

After Jr & open sheep          103                  Swine                                                  Livestock           

10:00                                       107                  Poultry Show                                      Poultry Barn

10:00                                       127                  Knitting/Crochet Review                  Youth

10:00-6:00                              127                  Knitting/Crocheting                           Youth

10:00-6:00                              120                  Photography                                       Youth

10:00-6:00                              123                  Electricity                                           Youth

10:00-6:00                              124                  Mechanical                                         Youth

10:00-6:00                              132                  Booths                                                 Youth

10:00-6:00                              133                  Leadership/Self Det                           Youth

10:00-6:00                              118                  Cultural Arts                                       Youth

10:00-6:00                              134                  Health/Social/Politics                                    Youth

10:00-6:00                              110                  Animal/Vet Science                           Youth

10:00-6:00                              135                  Educational                                         Youth

11:30                                       108                  Rabbit Show                                       Rabbit Barn

1:00                                         120, Class J    Videography                                       Youth

1:00-6:00                                114                  Plants/Soils                                         Youth

1:00-6:00                                115                  Flowers/House Plants                         Youth

1:00-6:00                                116                  Natural Science                                  Youth

1:00-6:00                                131                  Communications                                Youth

2:00                                         110                  Pet Show                                            Youth

2:00-6:00                                121                  Computers                                          Youth

2:30                                         131                  Demos                                                 Youth

3:00-6:00                                122                  Woodworking                                     Youth

4:00                                         106                  Model Horse                                      Youth                                

Friday, July 14

1:00                                         106                  Pleasure Show                                   Arena

Saturday, July 15

9:00                                         106                  Youth Carts                                        Arena

1:00                                         106                  Gaming Show                         Arena


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